HALTER LoadAssistant® for loading batches from 10 to 1000 workpieces

New dealer in Israel

NR Automation has obtained the representation of the HALTER LoadAssistant®. As our partner in Israel, NR Automation has extensive experience in increasing the production capacity of customers. This in turn increases the quality and competitiveness. They help their customers with the latest technological developments and deliver machines and operating controls exclusively from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Trendsetting for easy automation

NR Automation sees great opportunities for its customers to improve the number of spindle hours drastically and hence the efficiency of CNC machines, with the HALTER LoadAssistant®. Ben Ronen, Project Manager of NR Automation:
“We receive more and more requests for automation. We now offer our customers tailor made solutions, but that is most often for large serial production. Now we are also able to offer a standard loading robot for small series. The HALTER LoadAssistant® is brilliant in simplicity and ideal for companies who have no robot experience yet. We believe that this system immediately helps Israeli companies to improve the output of their CNC machines.”

The first opportunity to see the HALTER LoadAssistant® will be during the Technology 2017 exhibition, when live demonstrations will take place for Israeli companies, who search for an innovative robot solution.


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