HALTER LoadAssistant® for loading batches from 10 to 1000 workpieces

”The efficiency of the Hermle has more than doubled.”

Christian van Sloten



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MG Twente BV

Hermle B 300 U with HALTER LoadAssistant

M.G. Twente BV is an ISO certified company that has been operating in the precision-machining industry since 1989. M.G. Twente specializes in subcontracting, mold making and EDM. Managing Director Christian van Sloten: “We studied all of the automation systems on the market and we finally decided to buy the HALTER. The selling point was the flexibility and reliability of the system. Immediately following installation, the HALTER ran unmanned at night and the efficiency of the Hermle has more than doubled.”

MG Twente BV

  • MG Twente is an ISO certified

  • subcontractor for the precision

  • industry.

  • Almelo

  • Netherlands