HALTER LoadAssistant® for loading batches from 10 to 1000 workpieces


HALTER Workshop in Cascade, Iowa

Easy CNC Automation to Boost Your Profits!

Discover the simplicity of the HALTER LoadAssistant® during our workshop at the new HALTER Technology Center in Cascade, Iowa.


Content of the workshop

  • Presentation of HALTER CNC Robotics
  • Hands-on training of the loading system; you can even bring your own workpieces
  • Explanation of the technology behind all HALTER models
  • Calculation of the payback period of the HALTER LoadAssistant for your business
  • Visit to one or more companies that already work with the HALTER LoadAssistant



See the form below and select your preferred date and part of the day (morning of afternoon).



What will you know at the end of the workshop?

  • You’ll know how it works and what the HALTER can do.
  • You’ll know how quickly the HALTER can pay for itself in your company.




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