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Industry 4.0

Digitalisation Gets A Grip On The Manufacturing Industry

Digitalisation leads to changes in all parts of society. These changes are sometimes disruptive. For example, think about the way in which we currently book hotel stays using internet platforms. What happened to travel agencies? Or how companies such as Facebook and Google offer very smart services from advertisers that just so happen to match what you have been searching the web for. Or the app that collates the news that you are interested in every morning. These are examples that everyone is familiar with in their everyday life. This digitalisation will also change the manufacturing industry, as Industry 4.0 begins with the digitalisation and connection of machinery, devices and administrative systems in companies. The impact will ultimately extend much further than this. Every manufacturing company will be faced with Industry 4.0. Anyone who capitalises on it in good time can make maximum use of the benefits it has to offer. But how do you get started with Industry 4.0?

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