HALTER LoadAssistant® for loading batches from 10 to 1000 workpieces

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  • In addition to the increased production output, what is the biggest advantage the HALTER LoadAssistant offers your business?

    “We are now able to use our employees for the work they are trained for. We should have invested in the HALTER LoadAssistant a long time ago, since the production output of our lathes has increased substantially. Moreover, our qualified employees provide more added value to the overall process within our company.” Bernd Gancza, Director of Gancza & Koch oHG, Germany

  • How does the HALTER LoadAssistant improve your delivery times?

    “We can now respond better to a sudden demand from our customers. Recently, I received an urgent order from a new customer. He placed the order on Friday afternoon and, thanks to the HALTER, I could start very quickly and produce the order over the weekend. That customer was really surprised that I could get it done so quickly.” Andrew van der Bruggen, owner of Westbrug Techniek B.V., Netherlands

  • What are the biggest savings in personnel costs due to the HALTER LoadAssistant?

    “Demand for our products is not always consistent. The HALTER systems enable us to increase production immediately whenever there is unexpected extra demand from our customers, without the need to hire extra personnel. We also produce at night, as the HALTER is very reliable. The machines operating with the HALTER systems are by far the most productive machines in our machine park.” Nigel Eames, Production Manager at FB Chain Ltd., United Kingdom

  • Everyone claims that the investment in a HALTER LoadAssistant is repaid quickly. Is that really true?

    “Immediately following installation, the HALTER systems were loading my CNC machines almost non-stop. I earned money from it from day one, and I now have three systems in use. Each HALTER was paid back within a period of 10 months.” Randy Decker, owner of Decker Precision Machining, Inc., USA

  • What is the big advantage of the HALTER’s short changeover times?

    “CNC machines are becoming more complex and therefore more expensive. With the HALTER, I am able to recover investments quickly. The HALTER changeover times are reduced to a minimum, which is essential to achieve a high spindle efficiency with small and medium-sized batches.” Udo Jahn, owner of Modern Engineering Ltd., Canada