HALTER LoadAssistant® for loading batches from 10 to 1000 workpieces

“My operators can work with the HALTER; no robot knowledge is required at all.”

Randy Decker



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Decker Precision Machining, Inc.

Four HALTER LoadAssistants for automatic loading of Doosans

Decker Precision Machining from Peosta, Iowa has invested in four HALTER systems. Two of them are connected to Doosan lathes and two to Takisawas. The owners, Rick and Randy Decker, chose HALTER because of its simplicity and flexibility. Immediately following the installation, the HALTER systems were loading his CNC machines almost non-stop. Randy Decker: “The HALTER is a technically well-thought-out concept. If any issue comes up, our very knowledgeable service person can easily take care of it. My operators are capable of setting up a new batch within five minutes.”

Decker Precision Machining, Inc.

  • Subcontractor of hydraulic

  • components and other parts

  • for mechanical engineering.

  • 50 employees

  • Iowa

  • USA