HALTER LoadAssistant® for loading batches from 10 to 1000 workpieces

”We produce much more without hiring additional operators.”

Remco van der Voorden



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Geotech Metals BV

HALTER with two Doosan machines

Geotech Metals is an independent manufacturer of complete anchoring systems for the sheet pile industry. For the production of its components, Geotech uses two Doosan lathes. The Doosan Puma 400 MB and the Doosan 2600 LMB are automatically loaded with the HALTER LoadAssistant. Managing Director Remco van der Voorden: “With the HALTER LoadAssistant, our operator manages to control more machines at the same time. Additionally, we can now also produce parts after our regular working hours. We produce much more, without hiring additional operators and running extra shifts.”

Geotech Metals BV

  • Geotech Metals is an

  • independent producer of

  • anchoring systems.

  • 7 employees

  • Werkendam

  • Netherlands