HALTER LoadAssistant® for loading batches from 10 to 1000 workpieces

"The HALTER enables us to immediately increase production when needed, without extra personnel."

Nigel Eames


Production Manager

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FB Chain Ltd

Doosan machines are more productive with HALTER robots

FB Chain has installed two HALTER LoadAssistants: one on a Doosan Mynx 5400/50, and the other on a Doosan Puma 2600. Production Manager Nigel Eames: “The HALTER systems enable us to immediately increase production whenever there is an unexpected increase in demand from our customers, without the need to hire extra personnel. We also produce at night, as the HALTER is very reliable. The Doosan machines in combination with the HALTER systems are by far the most productive machines in our machine park.”

FB Chain Ltd

  • Leading manufacturer of

  • industrial chains for lift trucks

  • and elevator equipment.

  • 28 employees

  • Letchworth

  • United Kingdom