HALTER LoadAssistant® for loading batches from 10 to 1000 workpieces

“It takes only 15 minutes to move the HALTER from one to the other machine.”

Marc Meijer



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BMI Thegon BV

Hyundai with a HALTER LoadAssistant

BMI-Thegon is specialized in production of prototypes and serial production. In the last few years BMI Thegon has made some substantial investment in the automation of its CNC machines. With the HALTER they have now the possibility to operate more flexible and to increase spindle hours, without the need to hire more operators: Co-director Marc Meijer: ”The big advantage of the Halter compared to the other automation systems in our factory is the short set up time. Besides that we regularly move the HALTER from one machine to the other. It takes 15 minutes to move the HALTER and have it up and running again.”

BMI Thegon BV

  • Machining of (stainless) steel

  • and aluminium for a

  • large number of sectors.

  • 32 employees

  • Baak

  • Netherlands