HALTER LoadAssistant® for loading batches from 10 to 1000 workpieces

Customer cases


  • M&M Precision Machining

    Production has increased by 30% by automating the loading of gears.

  • Mechanische Industrie Coronam B.V.

    These unmanned hours give us extra flexibility to respond quickly.

  • KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH

    In addition, the loading robot offers potential for unmanned shifts to produce less complex components.

  • Pro Products LLC

    Automation Helps Pro Products Cut Rejection Rate in Half and Eliminate Overtime

  • Pross + Fischer Zerspanungstechnik GmbH

    Thanks to the HALTER LoadAssistant we can machine more products.

  • OS Feinmechanik GmbH

    Thanks to the HALTER LoadAssistant, we have doubled the number of spindle hours.

  • Tornado Antriebstechnik

    Our Doosan TT1800SY recently achieved 92% spindle efficiency in a month’s time.”

  • Berenpas Aerospace B.V.

    What does the robot cell offer the family business? More flexibility, also in our own stock.

  • Rusco Manufacturing, Inc.

    With the HALTER LoadAssistant we can achieve the longest period of unmanned work of all the systems we looked at.

  • Odemar Metaal B.V.

    As a result, we have more capacity for rough workpieces, the robot can work unmanned for 6 to 8 hours and the processing of finished workpieces is much easier.”

  • JEVA Metaalbewerking B.V.

    We have been able to increase our production capacity with the HALTER LoadAssistant.

  • Rotec Engineering Ltd

    With the HALTER LoadAssistant we can have whole weekends production of machine parts with no interaction from the operator, except for the inspections.

  • FEWI d.o.o.

    We chose for the HALTER LoadAssistant because of the simplicity of operation. It is so simple that even a child can operate it.

  • Bruins Precisie Metaal V.O.F.

    The HALTER LoadAssistant works so well that we are considering the purchase of a second robot.

  • Alfred Reimer GmbH

    Producing at a more favorable price than low-wage countries.

  • Proliad Led Lighting B.V.

    We move the HALTER several times a week between the two CNC machines.

  • DKH Metaalbewerking BV

    Quick changeover times due to the simplicity.

  • Separator Spares International BV

    More added value of the operators.

  • Veros Metaalwerken BV

    We plan small batches during the day and the larger batches in the evenings.

  • Hankamp Gears BV

    A payback period of less than one and a half years.

  • Rokem BV

    Operator is no longer engaged with the repetitive and simple loading work.

  • Brands Metaaltechniek BV

    We can produce much more, even after regular working hours.

  • ASS Maschinenbau GmbH

    In order to better respond to the needs of clients and changing jobs, buying a flexible loading robot was a must.

  • Rokem BV

    Good qualified operator is no longer engaged with the repetitive and simple loading work.

  • BMI Thegon BV

    It takes 15 minutes to move the HALTER from one to the other machine and have it up and running again.

  • MG Twente BV

    The efficiency of the Hermle has been more than doubled.

  • DKH Metalworking BV

    More flexibility in meeting demand from our customers.

  • Westbrug Techniek BV

    Even a second HALTER LoadAssistant could increase the capacity at our company.

  • Geotech Metals BV

    With the HALTER it is possible to have much higher production levels without extra operators.

  • Westbrug Techniek BV

    The HALTER is like bar feeder; it’s easy to use and fast to set up.

  • Gancza & Koch oHG

    The LoadAssistant allows the operator to produce single pieces on the other lathe.

  • SMI Dokkum BV

    The HALTER takes over repetitive jobs at night, so the operator can focus on single-piece production during day.

  • Lebrun BV

    We did not have any experience with robots, but we cannot imagine working without the HALTER anymore.

  • Panzer Drehtechnik GmbH

    Flexibility in combination with the easy operation, where no robot knowledge is required at all.

  • Decker Precision Machining, Inc.

    A plug-and-play systeem, any operator can work with.

  • Naber-Zeeh Präzision GmbH

    The HALTER LoadAssistant guarantees a continuous production process.

  • Klement Special Products BV

    User friendly and reliable.

  • BMI Thegon BV

    The efficiency of the Okuma Multus B400W almost doubled.

  • Velden Engineering Ltd.

    Greater capacity in spindle hours, increasing the ability to fulfil customer demands.

  • EIMCo, LLC

    The HALTER systems are flexible with a quick set up of a new batches. Besides that the Halter can be easily moved.

  • Decker Precision Machining, Inc.

    A plug-and-play system that any operator can work with.

  • FB Chain Ltd

    The HALTER enables them to immediately increase production when needed, without extra personnel.

  • Modern Engineering Ltd.

    A loading robot that is easy to set up.